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  • Bringing innovative ideas to life.

  • Bringing innovative ideas to life.

  • Bringing innovative ideas to life.

  • Bringing innovative ideas to life.

We manage the full life-cycle of innovative collaborative projects

from concept, ideation and proposal writing to the technical coordination and assessment of the applied innovations in real-world environments.

Proposals writing

We build proposals around novel concepts employing technology enablers, in alignment with he EU’s strategic innovation imperatives.

Consortium building

We build strong consortia by establishing a collaborative culture from the proposal phase and throughout implementation.

Project coordination

We guide operational, executional and technical direction throughout tasks, work packages and large projects.

IT Solutions prototyping

We design and build innovative technical prototypes across multiple domains and explore their adoption potential.

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We organise Living Labs or industrial pilots that facilitate experimentation with new ideas in real life settings.

Defining the roles and responsibilities of key actors and incentivising their active involvement in local activities.

Designing user stories and mapping technology innovations to business requirements.

Detailed scheduling, including permits, infrastructure and equipment procurement etc.

Overseeing implementation and making the necessary interventions or adaptations to pilot cases.

Monitoring attainment of  defined impact/performance indicators through data collection and analysis.

Running user acceptance tests and evaluating solutions' efficiency and sustainability.
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Forward Thinking.

We embrace new ideas and help to bring them to realisation. Our people represent our central asset and comprises a multi-disciplinary team of project managers, domain experts, ICT scientists, research engineers and software developers, collectively contributing to the design and execution of adding value projects.

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Designing & Prototyping.

We design and build innovative technical prototypes across multiple domains, we trial them to improve them in collaboration with business stakeholders and we showcase the feasibility for their adoption, enabling the transition from concepts to real products.

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We participate in working groups and associations that push forward the EU innovation agenda, contribute to standardisation initiatives and elicit exploitable R&D outcomes towards maximising their uptake and commercialisation prospects.

Flagship Projects

We investigate new ideas and explore the adoption of novel approaches and technologies in real life settings, shaping the future in multiple domains.