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Exploring Smart Public Transport Solutions with the SPINE project

Article, Jan 23, 2024

Exploring Smart Public Transport Solutions with the SPINE project

Exciting Insights from SPINE Project Leaders featured on the Civitas Initiative website!

Dive into exclusive interviews with Sissi Koronaiou, Project Manager, and Makis Kouloumbis, Project Coordinator, both from Inlecom Innovation, along with Marijke De Roeck, Director of Communication & Participation at the City of Antwerp.

Unlocking the SPINE Project’s Vision:

Sissi Koronaiou shares that SPINE is on a mission to boost public transport usage and enhance user satisfaction. Its vision extends beyond by catalyzing climate neutrality through the integration of innovative mobility services, ultimately elevating the quality of life and promoting social justice.

Navigating Public Transport Challenges:

Makis Kouloumbis sheds light on the challenges SPINE addresses, emphasizing the need for better integration of public transport and micro-mobility. From constructing multi-modal hubs to introducing multi-ticketing and innovative parking solutions, SPINE tackles issues of punctuality, predictability, and comfort. Cities are gearing up for systematic traffic management and public transport prioritization to streamline urban mobility.

SPINE’s Impact on Cities:

Marijke De Roeck highlights SPINE’s role in reshaping traveler behavior in cities like Antwerp. Through digital screens, signage, and applications, SPINE assists travelers in understanding transport availability in specific areas. It provides valuable insights into covering the first and last mile, even considering shared bike systems as a part of public transport. Bridging the gap between various modes of transportation is key, and SPINE is making it happen.

Read the article and watch the video interviews directly to delve deeper into the SPINE project’s transformative journey!

SPINE suggests a total of 55 co-created innovative mobility solutions, which are green, integrated, resilient, accessible and smart. These include updates of existing solutions but also new solutions or ‘twinning’ solutions meaning they are building on the experience of the Lead living labs. Some of the measures envisioned are: use and upgrade of local and new platforms, improvement or integration of citizen applications with real time information, micro-incentives, inclusion schemes, multimodal journey planner, improve of digital signage, smart parking management, low emission zones and many more.

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