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Leading with An Open mindset & Empathy | Ioanna Fergadiotou

Press, Leader Profile, Dec 13, 2023

Ioanna Fergadiotou, Head of Athens Lab at Inlecom, Pioneers Leadership with a Commitment to Innovation and Social Impact

In a recent interview in “The Women Leaders” Magazine, Ioanna Fergadiotou, the Head of Athens Lab at Inlecom, shared insights into her leadership philosophy, commitment to fostering innovation, and dedication to making a positive societal impact.

Ioanna Fergadiotou’s leadership is characterized by a profound sense of responsibility, accountability, and a commitment to positively impact her country. In response to the economic challenges during the recession, Ioanna took on the challenge of creating new job opportunities and preventing brain drain. Her vision was to lead a dynamic team towards excellence in applied research and innovation.

Innovation Driven by Open Mindset and Empathy

Ioanna emphasizes the importance of an open mindset and empathy in driving innovation. She is dedicated to fostering a dynamic, high-velocity, yet nurturing and inclusive environment at Inlecom. By recognising and valuing each team member’s contribution, she empowers her colleagues to become innovation leaders.

Leadership Transcending Gender

Ioanna believes that leadership transcends gender and focuses on providing support and guidance while allowing team members autonomy to thrive in their domains. This approach develops an empowerment culture and allows individuals to reach their full potential.

Current Focus and Objectives

Ioanna is currently focusing on pushing the boundaries of innovation, namely in the areas of Digital Twins, IoT, and AI applications. She is committed to leading research and innovation projects that produce tangible and long-term results, thereby significantly contributing to the organization’s growth and impact.

Building A Great Organization

Armed with a unique mindset, Ioanna has successfully built a team of over 60 talented individuals. This accomplishment highlights the impact of collaborative effort and talent cultivation. The company, Inlecom, is dedicated to embracing fresh ideas and crafting cutting-edge technical prototypes across various domains.

Inlecom’s Contributions

Inlecom, a European SME with offices in Brussels, London, Athens, and Dublin, has been actively involved in over 40 National, European, and International research and commercial projects. The company is dedicated to advancing the EU’s innovation agenda, contributing to standardization initiatives, and maximizing the potential for successful commercialization.

To conclude, Ioanna Fergadiotou’s leadership at Inlecom exemplifies a commitment to innovation, societal impact, and the cultivation of talent. Under her guidance, the company continues to push the boundaries of technology and contribute significantly to research and development initiatives.

" Our active involvement in collaborative research projects and influential associations drives our commitment to advancing the EU’s innovation agenda. We also contribute to standardization initiatives, channeling our efforts towards extracting exploitable R&D outcomes. "

About Inlecom

Inlecom, established in 1996, is dedicated to promoting innovative Information Learning and Communication Solutions. The company's diverse team comprises project managers, domain experts, ICT scientists, research engineers, and software developers, working collaboratively to design and execute value-driven projects.

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