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PRECINCT Athens Living Lab kick off and CIs Visits

PRECINCT aims to connect private and public Critical Infrastructure (CI) stakeholders in a geographical area under a common cyber-physical security management approach which will yield a protected territory for citizens and infrastructures. PRECINCT consortium consists of CIs representing the transport, water, energy and ICT sectors as well as law enforcement agencies who are actively involved in shaping the project development and outputs. Furthermore, PRECINCT project also includes 4 Living Labs (LLs) that will be set up and test the developed concepts as well as these will be further validated in 3 Demonstrators in the EU.

PRECINCT Living Lab 3 (LL3) – Athens kicked off in September 2022 and consists of three Critical Infrastructures providing transportation services to thousands of citizens daily in the same broader geographical area of Athens, highlighting the importance and needs for resilience management of interconnected transport CIs. As part of PRECINCT- LL3 Athens operations coordinated by INLECOM, a series of workshops and round-table discussions are organized among the various LL3 stakeholders to provide a better overview to LL3 CIs daily Operations and Crisis Management Procedures. The first workshop took place on the 19th of January at the Athens International Airport (AIA) and Attikes Diadromes’ headquarters, where among others, INLECOM presented the PRECINCT project and and LL3 Threat Scenario to the various stakeholders.

PRECINCT LL3 presentation.

Finally, another visit took place on the 31st of January at STASY Operation Control Center by STASY, while a third workshop was carried out online and included the demonstration of KEMEA’s Hellenic Coordination Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection (H3CIP). H3CIP for providing a common operational picture in near-real time to all stakeholders connected to the 3HCIP platform.

ATTD Operation Center Visit

For more information on the LL3 Athens Operations, download the press release Here.

For more Details on PRECINCT, check the project website here.